Saturday, July 8, 2017

"St Michaels Exercise 2" --- Sold

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I have applied my "new daily painting discipline" for a week. I have done 6 paintings so far. This is the second one. Compared to my old daily painting practice, there are two major differences (as matter of fact, they are two opposites of traditional daily painting): (1) PAINTING BIG. The size of painting can not be smaller than 12"x12". The current one is 12"x 24". (2) DO NOT PAINT FOR MARKET. The only purpose of these exercises is simply improve the art. If the painting sells, it is good. If the painting does not sell, it is OK too. Although the painting size is bigger, I still force myself to "finish" the painting within a few hours. I won't touch the same painting any more in the second day.


carol morgan carmichael said...

This is gorgeous! Good for you and your new goals! I bet anything you paint will sell.

Kathryn Ikeda Fine Art said...

It's lovely. Fresh and spontaneous looking. Beautiful paint quality.

Unknown said...

This is really one of your best, I just love it, A beautiful painting.