Saturday, February 18, 2017

"Plein Air at Saguaro Lake" --- Sold

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Another plein air painting. I feel this one is not as good as the previous one, but I surely learned a lot. I have realized how much I don't know about painting natural subjects, such as bushes, rocks, waters and so on. I feel more comfortable with objects with regular forms, like apples and oranges, but most of objects I deal with theses week have irregular forms. Give me some time, I will get there.


Nora MacPhail said...

Your artwork is awesome.

Just so you know, the "Click here for Purchase Info" links (from your blog), do NOT work on mobile devices! I can't buy from your blog if I'm on my iPhone or iPad... : (

It does work from my computer and directly from DPW Gallery.

Happy Painting,
Nora MacPhail

Pamela Blaies said...


Your still life paintings are wonderful, but I also think your landscapes are spectacular. You blogged earlier this year that your landscapes are in the developing stage...well, every time I see one - I always love the brushwork, color and composition. I hope you keep at it!