Thursday, October 13, 2016

“Fall Blossoms"

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This is my first painting after I returned to the States. For a while, I have been testing new painting experiments. I was told I should come out of my comfort zone and try new stuff. I tried using more high key colors, splashed impressionistically, and even limited myself into monochromes. I used more knifes to sculpted old architectural structures, and doing more plein air landscapes. My art journey has been turned into a drifting wandering. My work sometime is satisfactory, but more often they are mediocre.  Of course, it is normal, because I am doing something I have not been experienced with. Well, I have kind of enjoyed this type of semi-drunk stage, but I know I have gradually lost my identity. Now I have heard a weak voice whispering from the deep part of my mind: go back. Go back to the place where you started and examine what is your first motivation in art.


Unknown said...

There seems no doubt that this is where your heart is . . . Very beautiful painting.

linda m levine fine art said...

I agree... Your art journey has been satisfying to watch. Your architectural pictures of sites in China done with lots of palette knife strokes are wonderful and unique. But I am pleased you have returned to these still life pictures which are your 'signature.' You invented this look in modern times, thousands of aspiring artists have taken your workshops (myself included) to learn from you... and still you are the master of values. I will see you in February to learn some more! Linda from Tucson

Glenn Cernosek said...

This is a beautiful painting. I especially like this one. Bold color, subtle color, hard edges, soft edges, values, design and everything that makes a great painting.