Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Do You Have a Favorite Artist?

Do you have a favorite artist who inspires you the most? Whose painting style has influenced yours the strongest? I do have mine, who is Richard Schmid. His paintings have a painterly and spontaneous look. The calligraphic design of his brush work makes his work have a special abstract beauty, which attracts me to really want to study from him.  I was very fortunate for being with him a few times at Putney VT. He is very kind, down to earth, and very helpful. He has given me valuable instructions, which helps me tremendously to being my art to a higher level. Now I have started teaching painting workshops at Putney as well. Quite a few times Richard came and meet artists in my class and demo for us.

Now I am going Putney again. From October 25 to 28, I will teach a 4-day painting workshop at the same studio where Richard and other Putney painters paints. I am very excited about this opportunity, and can’t wait to see Richard again. If you are interested join me and painting at the beautiful Vermont, I have a good news for you. We still have a few openings. Please contact Penelope for detail information and sign up.



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Unknown said...

Leaving this comment here because your contact page on website was not working...

I enjoyed your DVD (download) very much. Your instructions were very clear and thoughtful. Felt like the perfect combination of left and right brain instruction for me! Also wanted to touch on your latest blog. You came across "kind, down to earth, and very helpful" like Mr. Schmid (of course I only know the master trough his books and DVDs) on the DVD. Thank you again for sharing your work.