Monday, July 11, 2016

"Rock Piles in Sedona"

I completely ignored the composition of this painting. It would make a better painting if I would of introducing more layers and showing more areal perspective. All of that was not my intention of this work. I forced myself NOT to paint intuitively, NOT following my "feelings". However I concentrate on this "research" to develop a system. My intention is still on "how to paint a pile of things", which is texture development. There are two treatments when we approach to the paintings elements: depicting and suggesting. For still lives, figures, and portraits, we depict more. However for landscapes we suggest more. Developing a suggesting technique is what I want to know.


Unknown said...

Love the color of the mountains

silentwitness said...

Thank you for sharing your conceptual thoughts about this painting, Qiang. I love the painting, and your explanation. I love to look at rock paintings in general, and hope to someday do a historical survey of rock painting by the masters of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese ink painting, particularly Wash paintings. Evidence of the passing of time (and affects of nature) are so evident, prominent and tangible in rocks more so than many earth elements. If only rocks could talk, we would know so much about Mother Earth's experiential history. Clemmie

Unknown said...

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