Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Invited Artists' Workshops

Besides I am teaching workshops intensively around the world, I also invited accomplished artists come to Austin. In the near future Hai-Ou Hou and Derek Penix will come and share their artistic expertise. If you are in or near Austin Texas, Please check my invited Artists' Workshops page and sign up.

I believe many of you have participated or plan to attend various plein-air events. Painting quickly and manage the essence of scene is the key for being successful. Hai-Ou's workshop will help you to accelerate your painting speed and keep the paint quality loose and dynamic. If you participate quick-draw or any plein air activities, Her technique will be directly beneficial.

You know I just came back from this year's OPA National Show. Do you know who has won the Best of the show ($30,000)? Yes he is Derek Penix. I am so happy that Derek will come to Austin to teach. He has very special way to manipulate colors and texture to give his painting a bold and energetic expression. He will share his approaches of alternating warm and cool and complementary colors to create a very Impressionistic painting.

I feel I have a mission of bringing high quality art education programs to the central Texas area. I hope you can benefit from those programs and bring your art to a higher level.

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