Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Cypress Creek Park" --- Sold

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I went to plein air painting by myself yesterday. It is also my first non-demo painting. When I am not teaching, I shift into my research mode and try to improve myself. The research topic with this painting is trying to develop a workable limited palette for plein air painting. I used 5 colors to do this painting: cad yellow lemon, quinacridone rose, manganese blue, ultramarine blue, and white. I think the painting has proved that this palette works. I can get all most all the colors I need.


Unknown said...

Beautiful job, Qiang!

Yo said...

your limited palette sounds very interesting for me. maybe because of translation in german: i didn't found this quinacridone rose. is it really a rose? or more a red? maybe you would like to post a photo of your palette sometimes? i always knew that i drag along too much colors when i go for painting pleinair - and you proove it!
thank you for sharing your progress and beautiful paintings...!

Barbara said...

This is a beautiful painting. I have always loved your brushwork, and this limited palette is very soothing and peaceful.