Wednesday, November 18, 2015

“Demo at Chesapeake Bay 2015 4"

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Now my workshop teaching in November has ended. I am back in Austin now. This painting was my last demo at Chesapeake. I introduced the way I do metal and glass objects. I have not painted folds in drapes for a while, so I involve it in this painting as well.

Now I am home. It is the time to ponder what is the next. Soon the holiday season starts and the year will end. I ask myself: Have I progressed this year? Have my effort achieved any effects? Do I close to my goal in art yet? In front of those questions, I am humbled significantly.


Unknown said...

I am happy to comment. Each and every one of your paintings is a delight.

linda m levine fine art said...

Your fans can see your paintings change and we love your direction. Yesterdays roses were delightful...the composition was also wonderful. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We all have a great deal to be thankful for. Linda from Tucson

Unknown said...

You are such a great master artist!!!! You make me feel your delight and and your worries. Love that and how you are openly showing your feelings. Possibly a bit less teaching and structured time will whipe away these doubts and make you aware of your growth again.