Friday, February 27, 2015

"Demo at Hope Town 2015 3" --- Sold

It is inevitable to painting plein air on this beautiful island. This is my 3rd demo on the workshop. I remembered I have said before that there are two kinds of artists. The first kind is really interested the subject matter with well defined 3D forms, like portrait, figure, and still lives. Then gradually expand their ability to cover landscape and even abstracts. I may call this kind of artist "form based" artists. I am belong to this kind. However the other kind is really interested in color patterns so they paint mainly landscapes and latter on expand into still life, figure, and portrait. I may call the second kind the "pattern based" artists. In both groups, there are many excellent masters, but very few can master both. I am very curious why there is this kind of differences.

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linda m levine fine art said...

Love this water scene. You have proven yourself a painter who does well with a variety of genres! You are right that most artists are most comfortable with one type of painting and struggle a bit when embarking on a new genre. Even those who have mastered at least two subjects seem to be happiest when working with their favorite subjects.