Monday, August 25, 2014

"Demo at Cloudcroft 3" --- Sold

This is the third demo, high key with flowers. I am keeping explore my high key approaches, and hope eventually I will get more control on it.

I have to admit that this workshop was one of the difficult ones. All the outside conditions were excellent. I had a group wonderful artists, and logistics were good. The issues were within me. Due to my busy schedule, I feel my physical and mental well being are out of balance. During the workshop I felt very tired with a strong headache. I coped with my issues with my meditation practice, but I felt I need more strength to face more challenges. I might have started to feel "burnt out". I am very grateful that one of the artists in the class, Carman, who helps me to straighten up my diet and get more energy back. We are human. We need to have the skills to take care of ourselves. I will do, and you do too.


Byrne Smith said...

You may have had a touch of altitude sickness rather than burn-out. They don't call it Cloudcroft for nothing--elevation is 8600 feet. (I used to live in NM.)

Mo Erkenbrack said...


I just want to say I enjoy your posts and wonderful art and the way you bare your soul in your search for your true journey in life. I can understand completely why you would get burned out with your schedule. Good luck in finding the fulfilling path you search for.

jacqui boyd alden said...

My Daughter who visits Cloudcroft to visit her in-laws always get a headache for the first few days due to the altitude. You were probably suffering from that as well.