Friday, May 2, 2014

"White in Dark"

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Having been back to Austin for a few day and swamped in all kind of chores. However, I did manage using my fragmented time to paint. On the foundation of high key painting I have established previously, I want to go further. For this project, I have absolutely no local color in the setup. I had a small white jar against the white background, and the jar is in shadow completely. All the colors are contributed by the light sources and environmental reflections. The goal of this painting is to show: 1. Using dark color to present light objects, and 2. Using intensive colors to present white objects. Is this called Impressionistic?


Christine said...

your paintings are always lovely...I have seen other "white on white" paintings approached like this, but I really think that it doesn't read as white on white....not sure if that is important...just a thought


This is so awesome. I like the simplicity and serenity of this still life. It is not overloaded with too many objects.

D. MEYER said...

Beautiful... soft edges, simple, like Carol said, not so many things going on! Do more of these... ;}