Tuesday, March 25, 2014

“Demo at Los Angeles 3" --- Sold

After my previous post, I have received very large amount of comments and emails. I am very happy to said I have received UNANIMOUS support and encouragement. I wish I can write back to all of you individually to thank you, but that is beyond my ability. So here I want to express my deep appreciation to all of you for supporting me, my art, and my teaching . You give me confidence to keep going. I feel the best way to say thank you is to make my art better and my teaching more effective and accessible.

My today's painting is the third demo at LAAFA. Since my teaching load has increased significantly than last year, my time used for studying is very limited. So I started to combine my exploration into my demos. In my most recent 3 workshop (Nashville, Sacramento, and LA) I did three high key demos. there is a blue tea pot in all of them. I remember I mentioned once that I want to entitle these paintings as "This Is Not My Cup of Tea", because high key is not a comfortable way for me to paint. I hope my workshop artists do not mind I do experiment in my demos. There is a risk I may fail right in front of you. So far I feel lucky. My high key still lives are progressing.

Last night I met the young master artist Jeremy Lipking. I want to thank my art friend Christy Young for introducing Jeremy to me. I have been admire his work for a long time. I had a great time in Jeremy's studio. He is such talented artist.

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