Saturday, October 26, 2013

"Sketch in Lancaster"

It happened to be quite windy and cold for the days I visited Lancaster. Instead of painting plein air, I did a sketch in Beth's car. The scene was spectacular. The cows and horses were posing for me. The barns and silos provided the variation of shapes on the vast land. Nearby there were a single room school. During the recess time, children were chasing and playing. In contrast to their black dresses, their peach red cheeks and blond hair appears extraordinarily beautiful. I wave my Amish hat (I just got it from the tourist store) to them, but they just stared at me, wondering where this Chinese "English" coming from.

I have been back to Austin now. When I was waiting for my flight at the BWI, I did another sketch from a photo. I need ponder more. Is there a way I can have some Amish spirit in my work and life in this high tech driven modern world?

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Beth Bathe said...

Qiang, I finally finished my painting that I started that can check out my blog I posted it today!