Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Tibor Nagy Study 3"

This period of study will end soon. I try my best to learn more with every minute I have. This is my third effort of studying Tibor Nagy's design. The difference of this one is its size. This one is 12" x 16", a relatively large painting. I used very large brushes to do this. In addition, it is combination of acrylic and oil. I did the transparent under painting with acrylic burnt umber, then used oil for the details and large opaque shapes. The advantage of using acrylic is it dries so fast. You can put oil on top without picking the underpainting color in a very short time.



This is an awesome painting. You are so good, yet you continue to study. Good for you!

Claire Kayser said...

Wonderful painting! Love the energy of the way you applied paint especially in the foreground. Lovely scene! Cheers!