Monday, March 4, 2013

"Demo at Kinston 2013 2" --- Sold

I have come back from my North Carolina trip. This is my second demo at Kinston. The flowers are camellia.

I slept whole day yesterday and my energy comes back a bit. Tomorrow I need change my hat and go back to the company I left about two years ago (Wow, it is shocking, two years have been gone) to start a consulting contract. My schedule is so full, and it makes me wonder if there is something wrong on my path of these a couple of years. I want to spend more time on improving my art. But when I plan my time, somehow my painting always gets left out. The temptation of making a couple of more bucks, the obligations of my promises I made too casually, and opportunities I can't let go have become the major driving force of my daily life, and they overshadow my art. When I was in Cary, the owner of Waverly Gallery (where I did my workshop) Gary Bradley passed on me a book entitled: "Making Money is Killing Your Business" by Chuck Blakeman (Google it if you are interested in this book). I haven't got time to read it yet. However, it did make me think. I want to elaborate a little more. Making Money is not only killing my business, it is killing the world.


Unknown said...

Wow, a very powerful post, thank you for sharing your thoughts, which I wouldn't have guessed.
I guess it is easy to get caught up in what we feel we should be doing, especially to make a living, but at what price.
Maybe you should take a day and read that book, just for you.

Nancy Darling Handler said...

Thanks for sharing that Qiang. I loved your Cary workshop. I, too, have trouble getting to painting. Everything else seems to blow up and fill the time. And there's the mortgage, car repair, etc. If you figure it out please share that too!

Unknown said...

Qiang, Thanks for sharing my book with the art world in which you live. My family is all artistic; we all have art backgrounds and my book views the business world through the lens of the "craftsperson" who loves their craft but not the business side of it. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

A Beijing publisher has translated the book into Mandarin for distribution in China. I would be glad to send you a complimentary copy if you would like it.


Chuck Blakeman
Author, Making Money Is Killing Your Business

Theresa Grillo Laird said...

Thank you Qiang for this powerful and thought provoking post. I struggle daily trying to fit making art and improving art into a day too filled with family obligations and tasks. I'm still searching for that magic formula that makes it all work. Wishing you luck getting through your obstacles.

Martin Figlinski said...

I've faced this battle many times. The funny thing is, even when you paint full-time and with no other job, it's still there--it just changes to "Do I paint what I love or do I paint what I know will sell and make me the most money for the amount of time spent?" Since we all have certain financial obligations, we end up painting a lot of what we know will sell and produce us with the money we need. After a while, this too becomes a "job" and we start asking, "If I have to paint things I'm not passionate about simply to make a living, maybe I'm better off spending that time at my professional "job" (which probably pays more and has more security) and painting what I enjoy in my spare time?" Back to where we started! I think we have to define how much money we need to be comfortable and happy but know when to stop. Once our needs are met, get off the "chase" and start doing what feeds your soul. But, we can't neglect our basic needs for a comfortable, happy life, just to spend all of our time being an artist. If we do, we will start hating "being an artist."
Define your core values, make a plan that creates balance, review the plan often.
Good luck my friend!