Monday, April 2, 2012

"Demo in Albany 2012_1" --- Sold

Driving across the Green Mountain in light snow, I have arrived at Albany New York yesterday. Today is my first day of my workshop here. I want to thank Kristin and Dick Woodward for their warm hospitality. I want to thank Kristen and the Colonie Art League for organizing this workshop. I want thank all the artists for attending. This painting is my first demo at the workshop.


Sunny Avocado Art said...

Beautiful, classic!

To think I lived an hour from Albany most of my life and now I'm too far to come to your workshop!

Diane Mannion said...

Love this painting and all of your work. That you painted this as a demo is incredible.

- said...


Susan Costa said...

Yes, absolutely! I haven't seen the movie but I agree with you! I hope we can return to the days of conscience, respect, and honor.
By the way- your work is exquisite. Thank you for sharing it with us.