Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Rosy Orange and Blue"

This is the third demo at HCAA. We tried something I have never done before. I asked workshop artists contributed items they wanted me to paint, and they did the setup for me. We paint the same setup together. I painted for a while, and they painted for a while. I like this method. The students can learn my approaches more specifically. This is how the painting ended up. I like the dry brush effect in the foreground.


Kathy Cousart said...

Wonderful- great way to artists to learn from you- hanging right with you!

Nobody said...

A stunning painting! I chose it as my favorite daily painting on my blog I hope you'll come by and check it out!

Ann Rogers said...

Another beauty, Qiang, I like the way you are always bringing new ideas to your workshops, keeping them fresh and interesting.

alibay7 said...

Another great painting, I really enjoy your work

Unknown said...

Very very good!!!Wonderful painting!!!! Congratulations!!!