Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Beautiful Sound"

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I used this long weekend and did this gallery level painting. I owe galleries representing me many paintings. I am so behind. I need to generate quite a few and send to them.

I chose to do a high key painting, because it is relatively easy to define the trumpet. It is my first time to paint a trumpet. It has many complicated parts. To me they are just shapes. I think the flowers are lilies. I am bad with names. They are just shapes to me. If you can paint shapes, you can paint anything.


Vida said...

I like it so much. the white background makes this small painting much more bigger, good illusion, good shapes, you really used your weekend in a perfect way;)

Ron Wilson said...

I play trumpet and I'm also an artist - you did it very well. Nice work, Qiang Huang

Jerry Stocks said...

An amazing painting--no question--you really are an artist.