Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Taking Out"

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It is the last day of the month today. This month, I didn’t finish my quota for my on-line galleries. Officially, I am not a daily painter any more. I told myself last night: Qiang, you must paint something right now. So I did. Was it good? I don’t know, but I learned something: Never ever use a clay board for oil painting. I am short in supplies now. Out of desperation, I found some panels I bought who know when. I did this 6”x6” with it. Oh! My goodness, this board was unbelievably absorptive. I literally poured a puddle of linseed oil on the surface, and it disappeared in seconds. Every brush I putted on turned into a dry mark, no matter how juicy my paint was. All my darks lost the darkness very quickly. I lost completely the smoothness of oil painting. Usually my paintings are dry to touch in several days. For this one, it is dry to touch in minutes. I used retouch varnish trying to bring the fresh look back, but it last only a couple of minutes. Oh boy. It was a real struggle….. My life is still in a mess right now, but I remind myself again: Just do it and Never give up.
I am going to Alabama tomorrow. I will let you know how the workshop goes later.


Lorraine Shirkus said...

For all the trouble you had, this painting is beautiful and glows! It's not evident you struggled at all--it looks effortless. Thanks for sharing your experience with the clay board--I've had the same frustrating experience!

Brian Cameron said...

Qiang, It looks good from where I sit! Seriously.. I like it a lot. May your life come together effortlessly and peacefully.

Kim VanDerHoek said...

The reflected light from the peach onto the box adds that touch only a seasoned painter would see.

I'm sorry you had to spend time fighting your materials. Luckily, you ended up with a lovely painting.reure

Tess Traylor Walls said...

From someone who shares the struggle with much less success than you, please--never give up. We get so much from your paintings.

tai said...

It's fantastic! I enjoy all your paintings. Thanks for enduring.

Mariusz Kornatka said...

Great! I like the colors and atmosphere in this painting

all the best,