Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Cypress Creek Marina"

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I live near the beautiful Lake Travis at west of Austin. There are so many wonderful spots for painting. However, I have to say that I feel really frustrated here. There are so many marinas, but all of them are private. They are gated and require codes to get in. I have contacted their managements and asked if I can organize group paint-out or do plein air workshops there. I got the answer “no” all the time. I understand their concerns. This marina (Cypress Creek Marina) is only 5 min. drive from my house. It is an ideal place for painting plein air. I have a friend who has a boat docked there. So I got in once with him. Today I went there by myself. I parked my car outside the gate, and walked in from the side of the gate. I did this sketch. At mean time, I was pondering. How can I bring a workshop into this place? If you have a good suggestion, please help me out. Thanks.


Stephanie Berry said...

I love the greens in this. Hope you work out a solution to getting into these marinas.

Dusty Pines said...

this is great - the energy & rich colors give this so much depth! the lavender-y pinks & yellowy greens provide a lot of enriching contrast, too!

maybe you could suggest to the marinas that they could look at it as marketing - that when you advertise the workshops, the marina would get free advertising, too . . . are there shops there that might be willing to sponsor a workshop, in exchange for the free advertising?

good luck!

Sadia said...

Very pleasing to the eye and beautifully composed Qiang!

Unknown said...

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