Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"House in Austin 2"

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I took this morning off, from both my art and engineering. It was a perfect morning for plein air, beautiful weather and no wind. but …… I didn’t paint. having been working my two professions for a long while; I did feel a little tired mentally. Coming back from my workshop trip, I went immediately to my lab and had a long day with lasers and lenses yesterday. So I want to do something else today. About four months ago, we bought 2 acres in the Texas hill country. It is about 20 minutes drive from our home. So I went to this country land this morning. Chainsaw in my hand, I worked my butt off cutting down old cedar trees. You know I am not in good shape. Not for too long, I was exhausted physically. Panting and sweating, I crashed by a small creek. Hearing the water gurgling down. Men! I felt sooooo good. The simplest life is the best. To make myself not feel too guilty for not painting, I post this plein air I did about a week ago. I was so busy, and didn't get chance to show it earlier.


Linda Popple said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to recharge your batteries! I agree that the simple life is good.

Beautiful painting. Such wonderful soft palette.

Diane Hoeptner said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful. I need to get outside and get some fresh air too.

mary maxam said...

This blue gray sky is perfect for the soft orange/peach com;iments in the rest of the painting. Great lighting and shapes, another lovely work! Mary