Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Demo at Sacramento 1" --- Sold

Last weekend I taught a 3-day workshop at the Capital Art Center in Sacramento. I want really thank Patris Miller for organizing it. It was a wonderful three days. I enjoyed so much meeting old and new friends. This one is my first demo painting.

I came back last night and found there are many things need to be taken care of right away. I may not be able to paint for a while. Many of you have found that my website was down. I have figured out the problem and just fixed it. The response of Calvin Liang's workshop is phenomenal. We have got many more than 15 people in a very short time. Song is communicating with Calvin to see if he can give two in a row. Even with two, we will still have to put many people on the waiting list. Without any rest, I came to work this morning and ran into the rat race immediately. I think my humpty dumpty is falling. I am trying my best to call all the kings horses come a little earlier.

1 comment:

Dusty Pines said...

i really like what's going on with the reflections of the orange slices on the yellow vase - lovely!

and i'm amazed at how much energy (or is that king's horses?!) you must have to keep the schedule you do - and to catch your humpty dumpty, too!