Monday, January 25, 2010

"Blue Monday" --- Sold

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I got so many feedbacks on my white cup painting. I wish I could reply all your kind emails and comments personally. Thank you all very very much. I will practice what I learned from you and report to you in the near future. At this moment, I just want to share one thing that I have learned. The major reason I did not see much colors on my white cup was my light. I am using a color corrected spot light. The light was so concentrated on the object and environment surrounding it was in dark, so I did not have different colored light reflected into the cup. This friend suggested I should look at my object under daylight, and I did. It was strikingly difference. Now I got some idea to improve my illumination, and I will demonstrate to you later.

I named my today's painting "Blue Monday" maybe not very relevant. It reflects more my mood today rather than the painting. I am a little blue today, but it is all right. Life goes on and more paintings will come out.


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

This is beautiful, Qiang Huang. I love that cool spot of blue on the vase. I find that sometimes when we are blue, the best thing is to paint, and to work all of those blue feelings out through the paint.

silentwitness said...

I can see the "blueness" of your mood in the restlessness of the "wind" and action in this painting, and Qiang, capturing that mood it is SO very amazing. I love this painting--it grabs at my heartstrings, very Dao. I hope your heart feels more settled tomorrow.

Jean-Claude said...

hi, quiang I paint every night , because I have another job during the day and for the light I bought the special daylight which I can clip on my easel. I use another daylight to light up the objet I paint but not alone with a normal lamp too wich light up the rest of the room. if you are interresting go to .
Anyway i like your painting I will want to know wich color you used to create that beautiful pink

Anita Tresslar said...

This is gorgeous. You do such a
great job of painting roses. I think they are a little tricky to get right without overpainting them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, your paintings emit an amazing energy. You are an inspiring person. Watching your utube video gave me some much needed courage.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and please create a painting video which I am sure we would all be glad to purchase.