Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Stop Rolling" --- Sold

I got this cute little vase the other day. The piece of blue color in the design gives great color contrast to the lemon. You can see that I am still testing color schemes for the center of focus. For yellows I have not get the effects I really want. I will keep trying.


Jonathan said...

Love the simplicity of this painting! Keep up the great work!

brianleepainter said...

Beautiful balance; I love the relationship between the thick, juicy white highlight and the equally
thick blue accent on the vase.

This painting sure did bring
some happiness to my day,
thank you.

Sandra Galda said...

I love the new vase and the way you blur and then bring the shapes into focus. Terrific

رؤى البازركان Ruaa ALBazirgan said...

i love your pinting

Kathleen Owings said...

Dear Qiang-Huang,

I'm not sure what your goal is when you speak of the challenge of painting yellows, but I think the lemon looks fabulous! I don't really see where it could be improved...

I get a lot of pleasure from reading your blog. Tthank you for taking the time from your busy life to continue posting your thoughts on art...and life!

Kathleen Owings