Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Hacked Ikebana" --- Sold

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Ikebana is the Japanese way of flower arrangement. It is very disciplined and sophisticated. My wife is pretty good at that. Hacking (not about breaking into computers) is the quick-n-dirty way of doing things emphasizing only on functioning and practicality. I am pretty good at that. Modern life makes us more and more become hackers, but I am long for the opposite.


D's World said...

This Rose looks so amazing! I'm not good with painting, actually I know nothing about it buy my unprofessional eye says you did a great job with this painting. I'm totally in love with it!

Leslie Saeta said...

This painting is lovely! The light shining on the petals is fantastic. As always, your paintings are wonderful. By the way, I love my painting! It arrived a few weeks ago and it looks even better in person!

Unknown said...

Your wife must have a good influence on you, because this rose looks disciplined and sophisticated to me. Amazing!

Adventures in Daily Painting said...

You captured the spirit of the rose Qiang-Huang. It is exquisite!

Stephanie Anne said...

I always love your floral paintings - not that I am under the impression that you take "requests" - but, ever thought about pansies? By the way, your orchid painting is one of my favorites!

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


You've hacked this with light and did a great job.

Kind regards,


Kay Wyne said...

I love your florals...I hope to take a class from you someday. Your paintings are wonderful!

Dean Grey said...


The rose is so crisp and sharp in this painting. Great job!

I never heard of this style of flower arranging until now.

Thanks for sharing that with us!