Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"South Wind" --- Sold

It is pretty cold these a couple of days. So I did this one trying to bring some south wind to warm you up. This is not plein air. It is from a photo I took at Rock Port, TX in spring. I loaded the photo on my laptop and put it on my still life stand. Maybe we can call it computer plein air.
You know I was having problems earlier of painting darks on top of lighter colors, and many of you provided me tips. Through few studies I find a way I like, and practised on this one. I thin the sky color with turp and paint it on first, it dries pretty fast. Then I paint darks on top. It works well for me. So thank you for your help.
BTW, the murder whom the police was searching for last weekend killed himself. His body was found two days after my last plein air day.


Sandra Galda said...

Hi Qiang-Huang! I visit your blog almost daily! I of course like everyone, just love your work. I have used my computer with a small easel nearby to work on some landscapes also and it works pretty well.

Johnnie Sielbeck said...

This is wonderful, Qiang - so much energy! (was the hurricane blowing in?) I like your approach to painting the background. Thanks

Art with Liz said...

Gosh I'm glad to realise that artists like you also use photos. Another fantastic painting - you certainly live dangerously in your plein air world.

sanjeev joshi said...

very forceful painting.I was blown away!! You can almost feel the wind force.

Jala Pfaff said...

Kind of sad about that murderer.

Ester Wilson said...

beautiful color and painting style. Love your work.

Aslam said...

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Ed Terpening said...

Wonderful energy here, conveyed through your confident brushwork. I too paint plein air, but in my studio I paint from digital images projected from my Mac to a TV. Works great.

Marilyn Farrell Webberley said...

Bravo! Exciting!
It says so much with so little.

Anonymous said...

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