Monday, August 25, 2008

"Copper Kettle"

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A friend of mine loaned me this hand made copper kettle to paint. At our technology-flooded age, I still enjoy more hand made stuff. I admire astonishingly the craftsmanship created by human hands. When I touch this copper pot, I can feel the relationship between its creator and me.


Theresa Rankin said...

I must agree...things handmade have so much more feel to them. You have rendered this with such beauty...I can feel your respect for the item and its creator.

V....Vaughan said...

Hi qiang!
I have been enjoying your work...I still hope you are interested in a trade some time ;)
FOR NOW, though, I have a little favor to ask!
I see this one is not sold...Do you have 5 or 6 unsold ones that you would be willing to allow to be posted on a college man's web project for 3 weeks? My son, Tanner, has a clas in his senior year of marketing, and he is building a 3 week online gallery. I told him I could round up BEAUTIFUL works for his gallery and you cane to mind!
I also am putting up 5 -6 of my unsold paintings...the idea is that they have three weeks to make the most money they can...he is a smart man, and choise art! If any of your paintigs sell, he would ask for a commission , so please plan to mark up the price... haha
I can give you more details if you are interested.

Anonymous said...