Thursday, March 20, 2008

"BB 2008-1" --- Sold

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It is the most beautiful time in Texas now. If you have a choice, pack up and drive down, leave the cold and dreary mood behind. I saw this year's fresh bluebonnet at Rock Port TX last week. I took quite a few photos. This is my first small painting from a photo. Well, if you cannot escape the cold weather. Hanging in there my friend, the spring is just around the corner. I used to live at New Hampshire, and I know the feeling. I hope my painting can bring a small part of Texas to you.


Marie Martin said...

Hi Qiang!

Just wanted you to know that your paintings continue to bring me much joy. Things have been hectic lately. Yet every time I open one of your daily painting pictures, I am always refreshed. Your loose style, the energy and beauty are helpful and healing to the spirit.

Best, Marie Martin

Mariela said...

Your paintings are really great!
I love the colors and the way you work the lights and shadows.
I agree with marie martin they are "healing to the spirit"

Jean Victory said...

Hello Qiang,
I just wanted to let you know that you work is really wonderful...nice sense of light and brush strokes. I'm adding you to my fav. artists links so I can admire your work more often.

WCaro said...
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