Friday, October 5, 2007

" Red and White"

This painting will be showing in a gallery. I really enjoy painting the peels of the onions. They present interesting shapes and sharp edges. They other day I was shopping in a grocery store getting some onions. I put quite a bit of onion peels in a bag and carefully selected their shapes. I looked around and felt really weired. There are not many grocery shoppers buying onions the way I did.


Barbara Pask said...

Hi Qiang, I love your work. I just wondered if you always use white for highlights on your fruit and vegetables? I've been painting still lifes and my teacher says I shouldn't use white, I should use a lighter value of the same color of the fruit. What do you think. Thanks so much, Barbie Bud

Bart Dluhy said...

Qiang, excellent handling of edges as usual. The onions and skins read so realistically, yet the detail is very limited. I wish I could master that. To offer advice to Barbie's question, I have always heard that the highlight shoud be white with just a whisper of the complimentary color of the object. If you look closely at a bright highlight in life, you can see this.