Monday, May 28, 2007

Da O, a fishing village in Hong Kong

At this moment I am sitting at a “Wong Bar” (Internet café) in Beijing and sending this message to you.

I was in Hong Kong. two days ago. This photo shows a small fishing village called Da O. It is an ideal place for plein air. I wish I had my painter box with me.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

What wonderful scenes!
Were you not able to bring your paint box to China?

Sarah Madsen said...

Love the paintings you do. Trying to paint with the limited time I have...4 young children is the excuse! I've seen a few amazing photos of china recently and it just makes me want to go there & paint. ( had to do a childrens book illustrations on a chinese dragon & a little boy. " The Dragon's Gift") Your photos have again encouraged that desire to go and plein air there.
Sorry to hear that your father has been ill, glad to know that he is recovering. Very difficult for you.
You are inspiration for my painting development , thanks!
Any advice would be welcomed on my work
thanks again