Sunday, April 5, 2015

With the Rising Stars

Occasionally in my workshops, I lament that I am getting old, and not as energetic as before. I got stopped almost right way. Many said: "Qiang you are still a kid". Now this time I really do feel I am getting old. The three young artists next to me are the real rising stars in Art

Hsin Yao Tseng (young man taller than I am, age 28. He looks 18 to me) is already a very successful artist living at San Francisco. This photo was shot at the InSight Gallery at Fredericksburg, TX at reception of his solo show. The art work behind us are part of his cityscape paintings. He is also showing at Legacy Gallery, AZ, and  Waterhouse Gallery, CA. His art has been featured in many art magazines.

Jenna Ma (young lady on left, age 16. I hope she is not mind I mention her age). She is the Silver Medalist of the National Scholastic in Art and Writing Awards of 2015. Kyle Ma (young man on right, age 15, unrelated to Jenna) is very seriously developing his art in oil painting. He has shown his  art works at the Whistle Pik Gallery in Fredericksburg.

I am fifty some year old now, but my mind is still young. As a relatively late starter, the time is very valuable to me. I treat every painting I do as my first one. I want to learn sincerely and gain as much as I can. I treat every painting I do as my last one as well. I want to try my best to make the painting have the utmost impact I like it to have.


Byrne Smith said...

Yes, I'm also a fan of Hsin-Yao Tseng's paintings. I admired his work on the cover of the October, 2012, issue of The Artist's Magazine. Happy to know his work is being shown in Texas, too.

Linda Levine said...

Although you can strive to improve your work, you must always be content with the progress you have made to date. Remember, you had a successful career in optical engineering before you decided to pursue art professionally. That puts you in a different dimension than a young artist whose career is just beginning and whose accomplishments may consist only of artist endeavours. You can admire a young artist but never envy them. Each artist's work is unique and yours is admired by many fans.

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