Wednesday, May 27, 2020

"Monet's Garden in Spring"

Today, I came out of my color research and temporarily to the real world. I did this painting from a ref photo from the Monet's garden. I did not do any color tweaking. So the painting is rather representational.

I know the country is open for business, but I still follow the common sense and stay at home as much as I can. It is so sad that today the death of Covid-19 has reached 100,000. I hope all of you are safe.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

"Water Lilies in Blue 2"

This is my 2nd try of the same painting. From the previous one, I have learned that I might have shift the reference photo too far to the blue, so the scene has deviated too far from the reality. With the 2nd attempt, I toned the ref photo a little less to maintain most of green colors, but the painting still has a dominant color tone to unify the color scheme. The trial and error approach gradually trains my sensitivity in establishing my color sense. It is tedious, but necessary.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

"Water Lilies in Blue"

I manipulated the color of a photo I took in Monet's Garden in France a couple of years ago. I want the scene has a dominant color tone. Might be I over did the color shifting, and the image starts to look like a nocturne. I did a small painting to see the effect. This is a preparation for a future large painting

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

"Red and Green"

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This is dangerous. Red and green are almost complimentary. It is rather difficult to harmonize these two colors together, but I did it anyway. Do I like this color scheme? I don't know. It is kind of interesting.

Friday, May 8, 2020

"Green Yellow Scheme 050820"

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Continuing on my color scheme research. Yellow and green can be analogous, but we need to be careful. When I paint this one, I significantly tone down the chroma of the green to almost gray. If both yellow and green have high chroma, the scheme may not work. If the green is darker, it will be even worse. On the color wheel, yellow sits between orange and green, and we all know yellow and orange get along well. They can form a very harmonious analogous scheme, by why green and yellow can not getting along?

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

"Complementary color scheme test 050620"

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This is another test of my color research. Today's scheme is complementary colors: red and turquoise. As a matter of fact, "color scheme design" is a big topic. It does not have to have any realistic base. How should we group a set of colors together and make a good presentation? I don't have adequate amount of information to answer this question. That is one of my purposes of doing this research. The colors of my paintings (this one and previous one) are NOT from my still life setup. I got on the internet and searched for "color palettes for website designs", and decide which online palette I want to use. Then I choose objects and background drapery to match as much as possible to computer color palette. I also plot the colors on the color wheel so I know which category of schemes the set of palette belong to. So I had a complementary one today and an analogous one last time.

Monday, May 4, 2020

"Harmony with warm colors"

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This simple painting has shown the fruition of my color research. After getting deeply into color theory and measurement using math, and strategies of color mixing, now I move onto aesthetics, color psycologry and color scheme design. This one uses an analogous color scheme centered at warm yellow. It has developed from my earlier monochromatic scheme with yellow. The palette I used for this painting was burnt umber, yellow ochre, cad yellow lemon, cad yellow deep, cad orange, cad red light, quinacridone magenta, radiant red, and white. I did tested this color scheme on the computer first. Science does work.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

"Still life under cool light"

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This is another daily painting exercise. I used all cool colors to obtain an analogous color scheme to maintain harmony. The paintwork is rather rough to give a painterly look. I will tweak this color scheme more to make it work even better. If you have any suggestions, Please let me know. I appreciate it.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Red and Green are NOT Complementary, Neither Purple and Yellow

If you have painted for a while, you probably have known that red and green are not true complementary colors, either from your color mixing experiences or from your study. If you just started painting, I hope you are learning the correctly way. I did this color mixing demonstration to show that red and green mix together will make a brown or dark yellow, and purple and yellow will make similar brownish color, but they are not neutral grey. The true complementary color for red is turquoise (or cyan). Not a long ago, I have shown you the limitation of the red, yellow, blue color mixing. We have seen so many problems of this system. I don't know why so many color teachings are still following the wrong path.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

"Still life in green study 043020"

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I did another monochromatic still life study. Today's color is green. The colors I have used for this one is sap green, cadmium green pale and white. Green is relatively easy color for tinting and shading. It was fun doing this kind of studies, and it is very helpful to know the colors. I wish I did this kind of work a long time before.

Monday, April 27, 2020

"Report on Primary Color Mixing"

Does an artist need math and science to develop techniques in art? Well, it depends. If you are gifted, you probably do not. You just follow your intuition and create the visual impact from your heart. However, for an average human like me, I have to rely on all the resources I can access to improve my art. You know I am recently doing research on color. The images above are from a short report I wrote on primary color mixing. I have concluded that red, yellow, and blue are NOT good primary colors to use. If you are interested what I found, you may download the report from my website: If you are bored at home, you may find my scientific report entertaining.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

"Brocken Crayons still Color"

During my morning jog, I have noticed many painted pebbles lying under the trees in the neighborhood. These must be the art pieces done by the children in our subdivision. The information on the stones touch me. The Coved-19 turns the world up side down, but the courage and kindness of the mankind shines like jewels. Yes, the crayons may be broken, but they still color. My artists friends, please use this time to create. It will be the time well spent.

Friday, April 24, 2020

"Still life in Yellow study 042420"

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My today's post is a monochromatic painting using my yellow scale. The colors I used were black, burnt umber, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow lemon, and white. This kind of painting probably has no market value. I did this purely for my academic curiosity. Maybe I should pay more attention to the action items on how survive in this difficult time, but some how my mind has been trapped deeply into this research. I am following my heart, and let the future manages its course.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

"Still life in turquoise study 042120

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This is a painting I did for my color research. During my color scales exercise, I have figured out what colors to use to produce a value scales for any tube color I use on my palette. For this painting, I used my turquoise scale, which has black, phthalo blue, cobalt teal, radiant turquoise, and white. I can get any value for the turquoise family with relative high chroma, so I decided to do a monochromatic painting. It is exciting to see the result. The color is so intense that is hurting my eyes. I can use this kind of painting to study the psychologic impact of a color.

I also want to test the market effect of this kind of painting. I am going to post this painting on Daily Paint Works ( as an auction to see the reaction.

Friday, April 17, 2020

"Red Rose 041220" --- Sold

I did this small painting a few days ago as a small commission. A friend sent an image of one of my small paintings I did a few years ago and asked if he could buy the painting. The painting was sold long ago. So I said I can do a similar painting. So I did this one. When I was painting this one, I felt I have gone back to my old "Daily Painting" days. It was so nostalgic. It was the good old days. Well, if you have similar request, please let me know. I will work with you. 

Monday, April 13, 2020


We are all having a very tough time right now. So many people died, and more people are dying. Some of them are very close to me. It seems we have lost control and hopeless. I am having a hard time to concentrate on doing anything. I photographed the color scales I did recently and composited them into a digital image. I keep on doing whatever I can. And HOPE everything  can get better.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

"DVDs have arrived today"

Dear friends, we have received the hard copy DVDs today. The orders have been shipped out. I hope my teaching can help your art, and you can utilize your time at home or studio to achieve significant progress. If you are interested in to have a copy of "Floral Painting with Qiang Huang" DVD, please go to: to order. I really appreciate your support of my art by purchasing my DVDs. This difficult time makes me deeply realized that we are all closely connected. Social distancing actually connects our hearts more together than ever. I feel so grateful to this world family.

By the way, if you are a friend in Toronto, Canada.  Would you please contact me? You may email me from my website and click the "Contact" tab. I need some information about your city. Thank you so much.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

"DVD: Floral Painting with Qiang Huang"

Hello all my artist friends: I would like to announce that my second instructional DVD "Floral Painting with Qiang Huang" is ready for purchase. Like my first DVD. I have two versions: physical DVD and downloadable version. Please visit my DVD webpage: to order. The physical DVD is designed for people who want to watch the video with a DVD player (computer works as well). My first batch of mass replicated DVD will arrive this Friday, so it will be the earliest time we can ship the DVD to you. The downloadable version works on your computer and iPad. After purchase, you will receive an email with a download link. Please make sure you really download the video file on your computer (about 1.5 GB storage needed) before you start to watch the DVD.

Covid-19 has significantly disturbed everybody's life. I will not be able to teach paintings workshops for a long while. I hope this DVD can help you to improve you painting skills. Now we all must stay home. Painting can be a really good activity to make your time well spent. We can be productive and grow, even in this difficult time.

I really want to thank my son Jonathan Huang for helping me to make this DVD possible. I am keeping exploring all possibilities to offer my art teaching via the internet tools.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

"Handbook of Covid-19 Prevention and Treatment"

I want to share this reference information with you. "Handbook of Covid-19 Prevention and Treatment" is a short book (68 pages) written by a group of doctors who were personally participated the fight to Covid-19 virus in the frontline of Wuhan, China. You may download the pdf from: This ebook contains professional and comprehensive information, especially for hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other medical works. Please pass it on to anyone you know who are fright in the front line.

When I published my previous information sharing post, I have got a few comments concerning the credibility of the Chinese resources. I will say: as a rational human being, I don't blindly believe anyone. I will use my reasoning and logic mind to evaluate the information to see if it makes sense or not. The government may or may not tell the truth, but the information from experienced doctors can be helpful to save lives. At this very moment, Americans are dying in big numbers,  any effort to help should be considered a patriotic action.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

"Color scale study"

All my workshops in April and May have been canceled. I don't need to travel for two months at least. Well, it might be a good opportunity to turn on my research mode and do some serious study, which I wasn't able to do for many years. I made a few color scales today. I know the "color theory" some sort. But my knowledge about color is quite chaotic. I need a very organized system specifically for myself first, then I can pass it on to my students. I will reference to other peoples' teaching, but eventually I need to develop a practical and easy to use color system. It is not a knowledge issue, but rather a management issue. I am glad I have started today. I will share with all of you when I have my color system. Just like learning to play piano. Let's play scales first.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

When China was attacked by Covid-19 in February, I kept a close observation  on what was going on there. Now the Covid-19 pandemic has been attacking the whole world, I felt obligated to share what I have learned through my social media so the doctors can use this info as a reference. If you are a medical worker or know any of them, please use or share this info. The following information I got from WeChat (a Chinese social network), and I translated it into English:

According to the epidemic report, the number of deaths in Wuhan today (February 27) has halved for the first time, from more than 100 people a day to more than 50. The anatomy of the patient's body has revealed that a large number of sputum plugs appeared in the lungs of the deceased. The sputum plugs were generated by the use of a ventilator. The sputum plugs eventually caused hypoxia and death. Starting yesterday, the rescue was switched to a sputum suction machine, and the death toll was halved all at once. This is to thank the donors of the remains, and the second is to thank the team of Professor Liu Liang from the Department of Forensic Medicine of Tongji.

This information is for reference only. I am not a medical doctor. It is up to the professionals to make decision. Doctors should investigate this issue scientifically.I hope the doctors can find a cure of this horrible disease soon.

Monday, March 30, 2020

"Demo in Sacramento 2020 3"

It was my first time painting daffodils. It was a difficult flower to paint. I think I did all right.

I have been back home at Austin for about two weeks so far. Like the majority, I did not go anywhere and I am pondering what this Covid-19 pandemic means to an artist. I am learning how to move my teaching online. My floral painting DVD is coming in a few days. My son Jonathan is helping me. We have finished the video and audio editing. Now we are finalizing the file conversion from a mp4 to a DVD. Now April comes, I hope the turning point comes soon.

Monday, March 23, 2020

“Demo in Sacramento 2020 2" --- Sold

Metal and glass: how can you show different textures of the objects in your still life setup was the intention I did this demo. Of course they all boiled down to light and shadow, but they do have their own characteristics.

Now we all need to be a home as much as we can. You might want to think more about painting, which it can keep you occupied in a positive way. I consider painting is an activity that can "solidify" time. Your time is not simply passed away, but you can preserve it on your canvas.

Friday, March 20, 2020

"Demo in Sacramento 2020 1"

My workshop in Sacramento started in the gloomy atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic. That was March 14. At that time, 50 was the maximum number for people gathering. I had 12 wonderful artists coming to my class. This is the image of my first demo. I put a bottle of "Dawn" detergent in the setup. Of course, I was checking the color variation when I set it up. In hindsight, I can see now my subconsciousness at the moment might imply that we need to wash our hands more often before we touch the tea cup and fruit.

To follow the restriction rules during the pandemic, my workshops and painting competitions either canceled or postponed. I sincerely apologize the inconvenience to access my teaching at this difficult time. I am learning in full speed of making videos and online teaching. Currently I have one DVD available on my website ( Please check it to get more info.

Monday, March 16, 2020

"Demo at Templeton CA 2020 4" --- Sold

This is my last demo on my Templeton CA workshop. After left Paso Robles area. I drove to Sacramento and did another workshop. I am still in California and hope to get home soon. The world is so crazy. Who can imagine the entire mankind is in the same disaster. I may have quite few cancelations of my workshops in the near future. I will try to cross the learning curve as quick as I can, and establish an on-line teaching platform soon. See you in the Cyber world.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

"Demo at Templeton CA 2020 3" --- Sold

The ref photo for this demo was shot at Moro Bay, not far from Paso Robles. It was a very busy scene. I used the photo to show how I simplify and made the painting possible. I painted this scene before. I was happy I did it again.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

"Demo at Templeton CA 2020 2"

Paso Robles California is super beautiful. For my second demo I used a photo I took right here. I love the rolling hills here. I wish I can paint plein air in this beautiful wine country.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

"Demo at Templeton CA 2020 1"

I am teaching a workshop at Templeton CA, and this is my first demo. The world of 2020 is very different from the good old 2019. I hope everyone of you be safe, wash hands, and take care.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

"Symphonic Water Lilies"

The World can move to whatever directions, but we just simply paint. Among all the bad news we got lately, I received one piece of good news: I have been juried in this year's Oil Painters of America National Exhibition, and I will show my recent work "Symphonic Water Lilies". It is a big painting 24" x 30". Since the show will be in Fredericksburg Texas, I can deliver the painting myself. It saves me a whole lot of shipping money.