Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Wuzhen Street 2 (Day 4)"

Last month, I started 3 cityscape paintings based on the photos I took in China. I finished one of them and learned a lot, and left the other two on the back burner. This a couple of days I worked on the 2nd painting. This is what I have got so far. I worked on the color harmony mainly. I found that purple grey and green grey can not co-exist on the same painting. If they do, one of the greys will look dirty. I apply this new "home made" principle to this painting. I feel it works pretty well.

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Adriana Guidi said...

Really nice Qiang! Can I ask you your color palette on this one?I'm working on one with a similar sky value,and just wanted to know your colors here.
Thank you for sharing all your beautiful paintings!!