Saturday, August 11, 2018

"A hot day on the Strand" --- Sold

This is another plein air painting on PAE. It was at Oxford MD. I realized during painting this one that I really do not have enough know-how knowledge about landscape painting. I don't know how to paint trees, I don't know how to paint rocks, I don't know how to paint water, and I don't know how to paint small figures in the scene...  I was wondering why I was there for. When I was trying to put the blue umbrella on the painting panel, a gust of wind came suddenly, and my painting umbrella flue off to the lake, it was dancing and spinning, made a spectacular show, before sunk into the bottom of the water. I was in awe of such beautiful performance, regret I wasn't  quick enough to snap a video clip with my phone. That was a True Art.


Teri said...

Oh my gosh Qiang, I hope you retrieved (or somebody retrieved) your umbrella! Sweet painting - keep "not knowing" how to paint landscapes ... :)

Adriana Guidi said...

I think it's beautiful !!