Friday, November 21, 2014

“Yellow Rose in Blue Vase"

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You can see I am practicing the design of my brush work. This is the third painting in this series. Painterly painting style does not happen accidentally. It requires a thoughtful process. I am still in the early stage of my style design. I heard comments like this: so and so's painting is too stylish. It has a feeling of some degree of negativeness in it. It sounds like the painting is developed by following a formula. Personally, I am not against using formulas. When I was doing my scientific research work, I used mathematic formulas all the time. The same principle applies to art as well. However, the issue is how many formulas do you have? If you only have one or two, that is problematic. Moreover, if your formula was not derived by you, in other words, you don't know why but just simply follow the steps, then the painting will be boring. So my "two cents" is: 1). painting from life, 2). summarize your own formulas, and 3). cumulate formulas as many as you can.


T Wolf said...

This is such an expressive work. Although you mentioned a formulaic approach, it's a beautiful balance of freedom and restraint. Informed and intelligent brush bravado is a wonder to behold. It's like an elegant equation where seemingly vast complexity can be described in the simplest terms given enough observational accuracy.

Doug Stern said...

hi, Quiang, I've only been painting a few years. I just stumbled onto your work, but find an interesting quality in your latest work, where the forms are executed in a very stable way, but the surfaces seem to have an interesting tension. Almost like the paint is resisting being part of a 2 dimensional form.

—Doug Stern

chantels originals said...

This is simply gorgeous!

Marlene Lee said...

I love reading your blog. You explain your thought process of painting as well as revealing your development as a painter. This helps me to not just to paint but to paint with a purpose or to solve a problem or to practice a technique. Thanks for sharing your experience.